What Is Methadone?


What is Methadone? Why Did He Die? What Can I Do?

What is Methadone?

Methadone is a synthetic opiate used as an analgesic to treat pain. Methadone is prescribed by pain physicians, psychiatrists, neurologists and other doctors to treat chronic pain. This use of methadone is by prescription, and usually in pill form. The patient typically is given very specific and individualized dosing instructions. Methadone has a highly variable half-life, depending on the individual. Most methadone deaths that occur, happen within the first week of initiating treatment with methadone.

Methadone is also used to treat opiate addiction. This use of methadone is highly regulated and called “methadone maintenance treatment” or MMT. This methadone is administered daily in liquid form under close supervision of a doctor in a methadone clinic. Sometimes take-home doses are given to patients.